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Do not create expectations and less in insurance


he management of expectations is, in essence, the balance between what Customers expect and what suppliers (advertisers) are responsible for conveying. It is common for companies in general to give high expectations to their customers in terms of their products and services. They remind me of artists who, when interviewed, have a schedule full of shows until the middle of the following year. However, when the Festas de Angengas de Cima committee telephones to ask if they have that weekend in July available, the same soon declines, that they have that one and almost all the others free.

The example that is often given of when you go to a tavern for lunch, we all know that the service is appalling, the food more or less good and, in principle, you eat well. When we go to one of the restaurants run by the most fashionable chefs, especially recommending them for the brand of tyres, we are setting expectations at a high level, which most of the time is the bill the only high thing that is caught, not the service or meal.

In insurance, anyone form hedgehog, to motorists’ clubs or car salesmen, clerks in their banks or others, are trying to sell insurance, they always have a speech that exceeds the imagination of any insurance professional, such are the superlatives related to the products that promote to earn their commission.

There is also that insurance salesman who has an exclusive protocol for selling insurance for old cars (those that, due to their characteristics, are intended for exhibitions, tours, fairs, etc.) old man who is “beating on a daily basis” is eligible for that insurance.

Likewise, that club of drivers is promoting an exclusive insurance health plan for the negative 18 million euros (who knows why) they will have to be passed on to others or ask the shareholder to burn a few more euros.

As one of the great insurance men said in conversation the other day: “The insurance sector takes time to demonstrate the results of bad policies and bad decisions, but it is inevitable that they arrive sooner or later”.

The pressure of sales makes each executive listen to advertisers, making them stand out for their miraculous ideas in creating expectations, which they soon know are not achievable.

The secret to happiness is to have low expectations.

My grandfather was right: Don’t create expectations… Raise Pigs. If anything fails, at least you have hams.

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