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Lady Olivia or Seamstresses Olivia


s an initial point of order, let us convey that we are not going to talk about the eighties scribble played by a lady of the theater, nor do we make any confusion between sketch and socket.

That said, let’s get down to business. The national insurance merchant is currently made up of around 18,000 insurance intermediaries, a tiny part of which are individual entrepreneurs, ie mediation entrepreneurs.

There are, however, others who have their main jobs or jobs and who, in their spare time, dedicate themselves to taking out insurance in order to increase their livelihood or raise more money for vacations, and may also dedicate themselves to agriculture, livestock or even the sale of tickets (not pledges), among others.

The true mediators or entrepreneurs of mediation, live the day to day of their work with effort and abnegation in the uncompromising defense of their Clients.

However, we have on the other side of the “barricade”, some individuals who, because they are in the Insurers, like to arrange meetings with the mediators, with the sole purpose of charging the reading of the notes they take to read, I don’t know if to verify their weak gifts oratorios, or the few ideas conveyed there. I believe more because they want to see people around them clapping their hands from the pulpit.

First, I think that each one of these people should send to the recipients, in writing and/or otherwise, the elements they wanted to see transmitted. Second, if they wanted to have people in the room clapping their hands, they could always hire one of the extra agencies that appear on the television screen and they do have the patience to be seated there (no listening to them, because part of their age is kind of deaf).

This is due to the fact that professional insurance intermediaries, being entrepreneurs of mediation, are also bosses, some of themselves and others with a range of appreciable collaborators to meet the demands of their extensive portfolio of Clients. And behold, some employees with directive or administrative functions in the insurance industry (but no more than employees and subject to what shareholders dictate) sometimes make notes like the one issued last week by one of these gentlemen, saying that from from such date the commissions due to the mediators would be reduced, according to the table attached.

I would like to see you receive an HR note from the insurer informing you that you would receive less remuneration. It was deserved.

It reminds me of that guy who was a director at a large insurance company and who was summoned to a meeting of the Board of Directors, where he was promoted to Director. In the next 60 seconds he was removed and literally put in the middle of the street. It’s just that he’d never been told that when he became a director he would no longer be on the company’s staff and could be dismissed at any time by the shareholders.

After all, not only this one but some others, their lack of consideration for the work of those in the field leads them sooner or later to move from Olivias “ladies” to Olivias “seamstresses”, the sketches they made in their professional life sooner or later turn them into sockets for the insurance industry.

There is respect for the work of others, because it is slow, a substantial part of the mediators begins to not have it.

Jornal Economico,
Luiz Filipe

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