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Actaseguros – Corretores de Seguros, S.A. company with registered office at Rua São Ciro 79/79-A, 1200-830 Lisbon, holder of the corporate identification card n.º 503208639, registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Lisbon under n.º 4576, with the share capital of €79,000.00, registered, on 27/01/2007, in the register of the ISP-Instituto de Seguros de Portugal with the category of Insurance Broker, under no. 607157493/3, with authorization to carry out the activity of mediation of insurance in the scope of the Life and Non-Life branches and which can be verified and confirmed at, inform its customers, under the terms and for the purposes of article 32 of Decree-Law no. 144/2006, of 31 of July, which:
  1. Actaseguros does not hold, neither directly nor indirectly, more than 10% in the voting rights or in the share capital of any insurance companies;
  2. Actaseguros does not hold, either directly or indirectly, more than 10% in the voting rights or in the share capital of the intermediary that is held by a company or by the parent company of any insurance company;
  3. Actaseguros has authorization and confidence to receive insurance premiums to be delivered to insurance companies;
  4. Actaseguros has authorization to enter into insurance contracts in the name and on behalf of insurance companies;
  5. Actaseguros has authorization to settle claims in the name and on behalf of insurance companies;
  6. The intervention of Actaseguros does not end with the conclusion of the insurance contract(s);
  7. Actaseguros is fully involved in providing assistance throughout the period(s) of the insurance contract(s);
  8. Actaseguros doesn’t carry out the activity of insurance mediation exclusively for one or several insurance companies and acts in the market with complete impartiality;
  9. Actaseguros can intervene with the market, directly or through other insurance intermediaries;
  10. Actaseguros acknowledges, accepts and agrees that the customer has every right to request information on the remuneration received for the provision of the service and undertakes, at his express request, to provide such information;
  11. Without prejudice to the possibility of recourse to judicial courts or bodies for out-of-court dispute resolution, which already exist or may be created for this purpose, it is also hereby informed that the claims of Policyholders and/or other interested parties shall be presented directly to the ISP – Instituto de Seguros de Portugal, or reported in the Complaints Book, available at our offices for this purpose.
    Finally, please note that Decree-Law no. 144/2006, of 31 July – diploma that establishes the legal regime for accessing and exercising the activity of insurance or reinsurance mediation, defines the “insurance broker”, pursuant to paragraph c) of article 8, as the category in which the natural or legal person carries out the activity of insurance mediation independently from insurance companies, basing its activity on an impartial analysis of a sufficient number of insurance contracts available on the market to allow it to advise the client having taking into account your specific needs.

ISP Registration Certificate Nr. 2007/15763