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We have expensive tastes towards our customers

When, as of June 1st of this year, the minimum capital of compulsory motor vehicle liability insurance increases by €460,000 as a result not of Covid or the War in the Balkans, but because Directive (EU)2009/103/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council, from the 15th of September 2009, then and again the stars are aligned so that they are once again the mediators or brokers to give their body to the “bullets”, because they are already starting to see the ostriches digging in the distance the sand, to hide their heads.

As we know from the presentation, the different simulations that we have to do to choose the one that, in terms of quality and price, will best suit the specific case, until the subsequent issuance of the policy and everything related to the normal management of the contract passes through the hands and pockets of these qualified and devoted professionals.

We must not hide our suppliers in the present case, the insurers that go there to negotiate with reinsurers abroad and return from there made of wood because naturally the Portuguese market, due to its reduced comparative size, brings little or nothing in terms of dollar signs to this entities.

However, as we have seen in recent times, good professionals leave insurance companies and start their activity in mediation. There are others who remain there, due to the fact that the reform is knocking on their door or some other situation, but never forgetting that they can count on them from 9 am to 5 pm from Monday to Friday. We are not going to talk about those who enter the company’s entrance with the back, that is, colleagues never know if they are arriving or departing.

These are the ones who, in order to do business, come back from brokers and brokers asking to work for them or when they do not receive them at a certain time, they inform that they no longer pay the over commission. They are certainly aware of the procedure of this and other olive oil producers that pollute the market, as well as in contracts intervened by intermediaries or brokers, denounce for alleged claims and present themselves very penitent with the Clients, offering them the insurance directly (so they do not pay commissions ) and leaving the Customer to God, or the latter back from the mediator begging him to continue to provide the SERVICE, ATTENTION and AVAILABILITY that he no longer had.

In fact, there are insurance companies that should change (the name once again) to batel p.e..

The bunch of people who live off the work of brokers to only recognize them in meetings and then stab them later, I would send them to the little basket that was on top of the boats of the ancient discoverers and which I have now forgotten the name. From there they could see the destructive work systematically done to this Class.

However, and it is worth highlighting, APROSE has expensive tastes, because it has members who are worth Gold and no one can dispute that.

Jornal Economico,
Luiz Filipe

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