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Civil Liability insurance is a contract through which the insurer covers the risk of the insured having to indemnify third parties for damages resulting from bodily or material injuries for which they are responsible.
Family, Professional, Exploration and Mandatory Civil Liability Insurance.

Civil Liability Insurance

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Family Civil Liability
  • Protection against day-to-day unforeseen events that can affect family stability
  • Warranty of civil liability for damage caused by you and your household
  • Payment of damages resulting from bodily or material injuries caused to third parties

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Civil Exploration Liability
  • Civil Liability exploitation that guarantees damages caused by the property, where the activity takes place, or by the equipment in service on the premises
  • Protection of work carried out inside and outside the company, as long as they are related to its activity
  • Warranty of indemnity for damage caused to third parties in their professional activity

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Mandatory Insurance

Some of the Mandatory Liability Insurance: automobile, garage, trailers, pleasure boats, travel and tourism agencies, tourist entertainment companies, maritime tourism operators, license to use and carry weapons or their detention, holders of dangerous animals and potentially dangerous, real estate brokerages, limited liability law firms, lawyers, insurance brokers, insurance brokers, certified accountants, the construction industry, Energy Services companies, members of the board of directors.

Types of Civil Liability

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